Academic Licenses for FRED Optical Engineering Software

At CBS Europe, we understand the pivotal role that advanced tools play in academic and research environments. That's why we proudly offer FRED Optical Engineering Software to universities worldwide through dedicated Academic Licensing programs. Whether you're an educator looking to enhance your curriculum, a student delving into optical principles, or a researcher pushing the boundaries of innovation, FRED provides unparalleled opportunities for exploration and advancement.

For Educators:
Enhance Your Curriculum with FRED

Empower your students with hands-on experience using FRED Optical Engineering Software. FRED’s University Gratis Licensing program offers professors teaching optics a free multi-user license, enabling seamless integration of FRED into the classroom and lab environments. FRED's versatility spans various optical domains, including:

Stray Light Analysis: Perfect for imaging systems and telescopes, FRED ensures optimal performance even in demanding scenarios.

Illumination Design: From light pipes to LED displays, FRED facilitates precise light distribution for efficient illumination systems.

Optical System Design: Design and easily simulate complex optical systems, from interferometers to solar concentrators.

Laser Systems Development: Drive advancements in industries like automotive and biomedical with FRED's support in laser systems development.

FRED's intuitive interface and comprehensive ray-tracing capabilities make it easy to handle optomechanical models and ensure both ease of use and accuracy in simulations.
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For Students:
Discover Your Potential with FRED

Are you a senior-level or graduate student working on a capstone project or thesis? If so, you can take advantage of a free full version of FRED through our University Gratis Licensing program. FRED is an optical simulation software that can help you understand real-world optical simulations and deepen your knowledge of optical principles and simulation techniques. By using FRED, you can unlock your potential and achieve success in your academic projects with:

Hands-On Learning: Gain practical experience with optical simulations, enhancing your grasp of complex concepts.

Skill Development: Sharpen valuable skills in optical engineering, preparing yourself for future career opportunities.

Research Exploration: Explore innovative research areas and expand your academic horizons with FRED's comprehensive capabilities.

Global Recognition: Join a global community of students and professionals leveraging FRED for optical engineering endeavors.

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For Research:
Maximizing Research Impact with FRED

We understand the significance of academic research and are pleased to offer discounted FRED Optical Engineering Software to university faculty and staff for research purposes. With FRED, you can enhance your research endeavors and discover new opportunities in optical engineering innovation.

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Discover the limitless potential of optical engineering with FRED's Academic Licensing programs

Whether you're empowering future generations of innovators, spearheading groundbreaking research, or honing your skills as a student, FRED delivers unparalleled support and resources. Together, let's revolutionize the future of optical engineering education and research.

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