Fast Coherent Field Summation On GPU

08 May 2020

FRED version 19.40 is a major new release containing enhancements that address both ease of use and computational architecture upgrades.


FRED can now use the Sentinel license platform from Thales/Gemalto. This provides additional options such as softkey floating licenses and significantly better license monitoring and management tools for administration of multi-user network licenses.

FREDmpc Only - Coherent Field Summation

The calculation of coherent analyses (coherent Irradiance, Scalar Field etc) can now be done using the GPUs. For large number of rays and/or large number of pixels this can be 10 times faster than the standard CPU calculation. The user can use this option in either "Single precision" (fastest) or "double-precision" (most accurate) mode.

Updated Glass Catalogs

Glass catalogs from the following vendors have been updated with the most recent data available: CDGM (April, 2019), Heraeus (August, 2019), Hikari (September, 2018), Schott RadHard (July, 2016), Hoya (December, 2019), NHG (August, 2018), Ohara (March, 2020), Schott (January, 2019), Sumita (version 11.01.0).

Movie and Image Export

Analysis results can now be exported to .mp4 or .wmv video files, or a collection of image files (.bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff).

Multi-slice ARNs

Analysis results can now be combined together in a single "multi-slice" ARN which can be easier than managing a large number of separate files.

Analysis results functions

  • Export to FITS format
  • Linear Combination tool can combine any number of ARNs (previous limit was 2)
  • OPD and wavefront data can now be stored in ARNs
  • "Fit to View" option for ARNs shown in the 3D View
  • and more


  • Improved Volume Hologram diffraction efficiency calculation
  • New "Compare before and after" option for the Optimizer
  • Improved Lens Import