Almost 15 years of experience in the global business market

Convenient Business Solutions Inc. (CBS) is a Canadian company located in the west of Canada in Edmonton, Alberta. CBS was founded in 2006 specializing in optics and photonics software sales, support and training, customized software solutions, and online management systems. The Irish branch office located in Dublin was founded in 2020.

CBS Europe is the exclusive distributor for Photon Engineering's software products in Europe (excluding Spain, Portugal, and BeNeLux). Their FRED Optical Engineering software is a general purpose raytrace software for use in a wide range of industries such as aerospace, illumination, laser systems, and biomedical. CBS Europe provides basic, advanced and customized training courses for using optical engineering software.

Our highly experienced multilingual team has worked across a wide range of industries and have experience providing design and analysis services across the whole R&D process - from evaluating the initial proof of concepts through to debugging prototype performance, and stray light analysis of large optical systems.

Key areas of expertise are in imaging system stray light analysis, lightpipe design, design of photonic components, and laser to fiber coupling systems.

  • Optical System Design
  • Imaging and Non-Imaging Systems
  • Stray Light Analysis
  • Coherent Beam Propagation

In addition, our people-first approach to building online management solutions gives users the freedom to work when and where they want; and provide all the necessary tools and analyses needed for better communication, collaboration, efficiency, and productivity. From properties and workflows, to smart cities, our management tools create a better sense of community. Find more information about our technology solutions here: