FRED Optical Simulation Software Webinars:
Advanced Training for Optics Professionals


New FRED v21.42 Release | CBS Inc. FRED Webinars
Modeling LiDAR and Time of Flight Systems with FRED | CBS Inc. FREDWebinars
Overview of Straylight Capability in FRED | CBS Inc. FRED Webinars
Webinar: Learn about FRED's Optimisation capabilities | CBS Inc.
Webinar Series - Part 1: Laser System Modelling with FRED | CBS Inc.
Webinar Series - Part 2: Modelling Diffraction Effects in FRED | CBSInc.
Webinar Series - Part 3:Modelling Polarization Effects in FRED | CBS Europe
FREDmpc Introductory Webinar l CBS Europe
New FRED Version 22.40 Release | CBS Europe FRED Webinars
Automating Opto-Mechanical Analyses in FRED Webinar | CBS Europe
GPU Raytracing for Stray Light Analysis Webinar | CBS Europe